Babylon Rising: 322 Tetrads and the Time of Jacob’s Trouble


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Babylon is rising and secret societies are actively at work, advancing an agenda to enslave us in their Luciferian plans for the New World Order. We can no longer afford to ignore the signs that are all around us.
In Genesis 1:14, we learn that the sun, moon, and the stars are to be for "signs and for seasons." The prophets of the Old Testament wrote about the sun being darkened and the moon becoming as blood before the great and terrible Day of the Lord. Moses wrote about eh seven Feasts of God, which were known as "moedim" (appointed times) that were meant to be a "miqra" (something to be rehearsed). There are some very significant signs in the heavens lining up over God's Feast Days between now and 2034, which could be pointing to the start of the time of Jacob's Trouble and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This presentation examines all of this and more, while simultaneously revealing a curious link to the cryptic numbers 322 (of Skull and Bones fame).

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