SEED: Research Mega-Pack


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This product is the same as a the SEED Research Multi-Pack,  however it also includes:

The Testing the Globe: A Zetetic Investigation DVD Rom, which contains:

1 PDF copy of the book by the same title, plus10 Flat Earth conference videos6 bonus video presentations by Rob Skiba (all as MP4 digital video files).

The Yahuwah Triangle DVD Rom, which contains the following videos (as MP4 files):

Part 1: The Great Pyramid(1 hr. 42 min.)Part 2: Finding the Garden of Eden (2 hrs.)Part 3: Babylon and the Commandments of Eden (1 hr. 32 min.)Part 4: Babylon Rising and the First Shall Be Last (2 hrs. 20 min.)Part 5: Mythology and the Coming Great Deception (2 hrs. 53 min.)

PLUS: The following 8 interactive books in PDF format:

The 5 Wisdom From the Torah workbooksGenesis and the Synchronized, Biblically-Endorsed, Extra-Biblical TextsBabylon Rising: And The First Shall Be LastArchon Invasion: And The Return Of The Nephilim