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This is a compilation of books written in the late 19th century. It includes Zetetic Astronomy by Samuel "PARALLAX" Rowbatham and 100 Proofs Earth Not a Globe by William Carpenter along with a Preface, Introduction and commentary throughout, written by Rob Skiba. It is dedicated to those willing to hear the whole matter; to those daring enough to entertain a thought, even without first accepting it and who have the guts to actually take the time to investigate the matter before condemning it. The subject is Flat Earth. If you dare to read this book from cover to cover, you will begin to see why this "taboo" topic is coming to the forefront once again, trending so high on Google and YouTube and why, believe it or not, you may actually know some “Flat Earthers” yourself (if indeed you are not already one too). Assuming one is willing to hear the whole matter before condemning, this book is sure to challenge even the most die-hard skeptic and at the very least give the critics something to think about.

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