The Protocol the Kills


by Sheila Skiba

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The Protocol That Kills is the most exhaustive exposé ever written on a government-incentivized protocol that has led to the deaths of untold numbers of innocent and unsuspecting people of all ages. It is a sinister regimen that includes isolation, heavy medication, starvation, intubation, and ventilation—which results in a one-way ticket to the morgue.

This emotional and disturbing true crime story provides a firsthand account of this diabolical and malevolent protocol in operation. It describes how the protocol was immediately implemented when an otherwise strong and healthy 52-year-old former Army helicopter pilot (Rob Skiba) was diagnosed with COVID-19 by the admitting hospital.

At the hands of “the protocol,” a valiant Army veteran who had sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, fell victim to a domestic enemy within forty days.

After being intimidated and shouted at over the phone the day after her husband’s arrival at the hospital by a physician who was standing by his bedside insisting her husband would die if he would not agree to be intubated and placed on a ventilator, his wife (Sheila Skiba) decided to record all future conversations with doctors, nurses, and hospital staff—as allowed by Texas Penal Code, Section 16.02, Paragraph (c)(3)(A).

Following his death, his widow (Sheila) and the co-authors spent countless hours analyzing the 40 days of recorded conversations, the transcripts of which appear in the book. They also conducted a comprehensive review of the over 5,000 pages of her husbands’ hospital records, many of which are included in the book, along with detailed notations that show how flagrant biases, willful negligence, malicious intent, and harmful therapies led to her husband’s needless death.

She also employed an American Board of Internal Medicine Certified Internist and Assistant Professor of Medicine (ret) at Loma Linda University School of Medicine who has provided expert opinions and testimonies on well over a hundred cases over the past 30 years and has given multiple presentations on Medical Malpractice, Patient Safety, Cognitive Bias, and Diagnostic Errors. His troubling analysis and Causes of Actions against the culpable parties also appear in the book.

Furthermore, this harrowing narrative features the invaluable and timely insights of a quasi-legal counsel who provides "the story behind the story." The counsel provides a wealth of crucial details and evidence—including over 100 citations from clinical studies, medical journals, federal regulations, and relevant books and articles—that prove the victim did not die of natural causes but due to the perpetrators’ insistence that he follow the mandated and inhumane “protocol that kills.”

American citizens have far too long been the victims of medical tyranny in the name of Covid. In her well-documented book, Sheila clearly details the appalling circumstances surrounding her husband’s untimely and unnecessary death. While honoring the memory of a great man, Rob Skiba, she shares a wealth of critical insights that will greatly aid in preventing future needless losses of life.
Richard Bartlett, MD

The Protocol that Kills tragically and accurately portrays the accounts given to me by families of patients in hospitals for the last two and a half years. If the Covid Protocol is the supposed “standard of care,” then we are listening to the wrong “experts.” Jerri Lynn Ward, J.D.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. This unsettling and compellingly-written true crime story will break your heart and open your eyes to a disturbing truth—a truth you must be aware of so you and those you love can avoid becoming unfortunate victims of "the protocol."

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