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The Testing The Globe: A Zetetic Investigation DVD Rom
This DVD-Rom is meant to complimentĀ the book by the same title, which is included on this disc in PDF format.
It also includes the following presentations Rob Skiba:

Amsterdam Conference:
Biblical Flat Earth - Part 1 (2 hrs. 28 min.)
Biblical Flat Earth - Part 2 (1 hr. 29 min.)
Declaring the End From the Beginning (Beaumont, TX) Conference:
The Genesis Revelation: Nephilim, Nimrod, NASA, Flat Earth and More (2 hrs. 8 min.)
Flat Earth International Conference (Alberta Canada):
Day 1: Looking at Flat Earth Evidence (4 hrs. 15 min.)
Day 2: Looking at Biblical Evidence (1 hr. 43 min.)
Flat Earth International Conference (Raleigh, NC):
Part 1 - Taking a Trip Down the Rabbit Hole (39 min.)
Part 2 - The Absurdity of Belief (18 min.)
Part 3 - The Bible and the Still Flat Earth (1 hr. 10 min.)
Part 4 - A Spinning Globe, 666, and the Strong Delusion (52 min.)
Part 4A - Flat Earth, Aliens, UFOs and the War Against God (27 min.)

This package also includes the following Bonus Videos:
The Beginning of a Flat Earth Quest for Truth
Atmospheric Magnification or a Trick of the Camera's Zoom Lens?
Does the Atmosphere Solve the Problem of Sunsets on a Flat Earth?
Flat Earth and Atmospheric Magnification (short version)
Revolutionary Radio with Zen Garcia - Flat Earth and the Firmament
The Significance of the Firmament Enclosed Flat Earth

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