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The Yahuwah Triangle series has now been digitally compressed (still in high quality) into 1 DVD Rom!
It includes all of the presentations Rob did at The Yahuwah Triangle Virtual Conference back in December of 2014, which amounts to
over 10 hours worth of thought-provoking teaching, plus the following books by Rob Skiba, all in searchable, interactive PDF format:

Babylon Rising: And the First Shall Be Last
Archon Invasion: The Rise, Fall and Return of the Nephilim,
Genesis and the Synchronized, Biblically-Endorsed, Extra-Biblical Texts
The 5 Wisdom From The Torah Bible study workbooks

This package also includes the high-resolution 300dpi digital files for his two timeline charts and more.

This information packed DVDROM includes over 10 hours of teaching:
Part 1: The great Pyramid
Part 2: Finding the Garden of Eden
Part 3: Babylon and the Commandments of Eden
Part 4: Babylon Rising and the First Shall Be Last
Part 5: Mythology and the Coming Great Deception

PLUS: 8 interactive books in PDF format, 2 printable timeline charts, and MOPE!

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